New Patients

On your first visit a scratch test and/or an intradermal skin testing series may have to be done to ascertain your allergies to: dust, grasses, trees, animal dander, etc. The sensation felt on testing is comparable to a mosquito sting or a pinprick. We then look for a reaction on the skin after 15 minutes, observing any evidence of redness, hives or itching. For patient safety, testing may need to be completed in multiple visits.  If you react strongly to any of the antigens, we may have to do less testing per visit, which would prolong the length of time to finish testing.

It is absolutely necessary that all antihistamines, and any medication containing antihistamine,  be discontinued 48 hours prior to your appointment. Examples: Allegra, Benadryl, Clarinex, Claritin, Tylenol Pm, Xyxal, Zyrtec, etc. You should continue to take any medication prescribed by other physicians for asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, heart trouble, etc. At the completion of all tests, a further consultation will be held with the provider at which time all aspects of your condition will be discussed. Your initial visit will take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

Return Testing visits

For return testing visits, please remember to remain off any antihistamines for 48 hours prior to your visit. You will be in our office for approximately 45mins.

Specialty testing

Our office performs a variety of special testings such as patch tests, anesthetic testing, venom testing, medication testing, oral food challenges,  and more.


Once you have completed your testing. The provider will discuss your testing results and decide with you the best course of treatment. Treatment can range from medications to immunotherapy.


In this program you will receive environmental antigens, individually prepared based on your testing results. Because you are getting something that you are reactive to, we begin at very low build - up phase, gradually increasing in strength, until a therapeutic maintenance dose is reached. Your body will slowly strengthen your immune system, helping to decrease your allergy symptoms. Length of treatment is variable and determined by individual severity and symptoms. We require patients to wait 30 minutes after each injection in the office for observation. We also offer sublingual drops (SLIT), and oral allergy tablet local immunotherapy. You and your provider will discuss the best option for you.


We currently offer a selection of  injection treatments to treat your asthma, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, and chronic rhino-sinusitis with nasal polyps. These include the biologics such as Xolair, Nucala, Fasenra and Dupixent.