We accept most insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, Exchange and Commercial Insurance plans.


Some insurances require a referral for office visits and allergy injections. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that their referral is up to date and has enough visits. The front desk will be happy to help you with this information.

Insurances that frequently require referrals are:

  • Connecticare/Connecticare Passage
  • Oxford
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealth Care Medicare plans

Office visits & co-pays

Any time you see a provider, your insurance will require that you pay a co-pay or a co-insurance. This includes testing visits and visits for patch reads. If you have a plan that has a deductible, which you have not yet met, we will require a payment of $100 on your first visit. Any remaining patient balance will be billed to you.


Please call our billing office at 860-246-7320 for any billing questions.