What will occur on my first visit?

You will meet with the provider who will do a history of your symptoms and an exam. If you and the provider decide, you will most likely start testing on your fist visit.

How many times do I have to come in for testing?

Normally for testing it is completed in 1 to 3 visits. Specialty testing will depend on the testing needed to be performed.

What happens after I am finished with my testing?

You will meet with the provider again and you will discuss with the provider your best treatment options including immunotherapy.

If I decide to come for immunotherapy (allergy injections) how often do I have to come?

Your program will be designed with how reactive you were on your testing. Each persons frequency of allergy injections may be different. After you initial month of immunotherapy, you will meet with your provider to discuss your response and the possibility of increasing the frequency.

How often do I have to see the physician?

You will need to see your provider every 4 – 6 months. During the spring months it may be requested that you are seen more frequently due to increased exposure to pollen.

What about co-pays?

Depending on your insurance coverage you will have an office visit co-pay for each visit with the physician, for each testing visit, and for follow-up visits.

How do I know what my insurance will cover?

Each insurance plan is different. To determine coverage the best way is to contact your insurance company or to review your benefit handbook. If you have any questions, the front staff will be more than happy to assist you. Also, please remember the provider is not always aware of insurance coverage and we ask that you speak to the front staff.

If I start allergy injections will I have a co-pay?

Once again since each plan is different we do not always know if there is a co-pay until it is submitted to your insurance. You may call your insurance company or review your benefit handbook.

When do I have to pay my co-pays?

Co-pays are due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made with the billing company or office manager. For office visits we ask that you pay your co-pay when you check in.

If I have any questions who do I ask?

You may always ask our front staff and they will be more than happy to assist you. For questions regarding a bill, we ask that you contact our billing company.