Thank you for consideration in making a donation to Brovember Inc. As you may know, there are many reasons to support cancer research; from experiencing cancer first hand to supporting a friend or loved one. If you choose, they can be memorial or honorary of those in your life who have been touched by cancer. Your donation can support prostate cancer our community. We are partnering up with the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford to establish and support the Brovember US Endowment/Prostate Cancer Research Program to give men and their families the resources needed to live strong.

Donate the money you would usually spend on shaving, waxing and depilation for the month of November toward prostate cancer research being done here locally. Any and all donations go towards these cancer initiatives in our community. Our donations are processed through the PayPal, which in turn- will help us provide for added funds to aid and assist those diagnosed with cancer – so the money raised here will stay here!

With the generous support of people like you, we will be able to help many of these families and individuals be hopeful toward a brighter future thru the research and resources in our community.

For more information on how your donation is helping to make a difference in the lives of so many in our community, we invite you to visit our Facebook page @ Brovember Beard-A-Thon. You can also find information there on our upcoming events for this year and volunteer opportunities.

Thank you again, and we look forward to your generous support.

Dave Armstrong (President – Brovember Inc)