Brovember Mission

Brovember Inc. is a registered charitable organization established to promote the awareness of men’s cancer issues and to raise funds to establish local healthcare programs and other worthwhile causes locally. The organization’s efforts have expanded in promoting the awareness and raising funds for the Brovember US Endowment/Prostate Cancer Research with the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine at Rockford. We are committed to supporting and providing access to the local cancer initiatives that provide the needed resources in our community through our innovative, fun and engaging campaigns.

“To Beard Or Not To Beard? Thats No Real Question”. Because of the popular trend of Movember and No- shave November: facial hair has become synonymous with the month of November and bringing national attention to men’s prostate cancer. Rockford has been home base to the Brovember Beard-A-Thon fundraiser since the fall of 2012. Brovember Inc. has become a charitable organization that gives participants an opportunity to ditch the shaving routine and get in touch with their inner Grizzly Adams during the month of November and kick some “balls” during the summer.

Brovember Inc. is a one-of-a-kind organization that gives everyone an opportunity to participate through their actions and words, as participants’ band together to raise funds and awareness for men’s cancer initiatives in our community. But we want to do more..

Together with the help of local businesses and the community, we are bringing more attention to the seriousness of this disease and the no cost help and support that men can find here in Rockford. With the rapid growth and interest from the inaugural event in 2012 has proven that the Brovember Beard-A-Thon, Brovember Kickball/ Flag Football Tournaments and other events are not only a community outreach that has been long overlooked, but also unique opportunity to bring attention to men’s cancer issues and the programs we promote. We have partnered with local organizations in the Rockford area and fund programs from the proceeds of our Brovember events. We are a volunteer based organization and excited to tell you that all funds raised here – go directly towards the programs established here locally.


David Armstrong

Phil Ruud

Karen Polkowski

Peter Dunn

Branson Werner

Alex Wolf

Mike Exstrom

Mike Zahniser